updated: 11/01/2008

robot & android makeups: Eve of Destruction

Dr Eve Simmons (Renée Soutendijk) is the designer for a military robotics programme. Her android creation, Eve, is modestly named and modelled after her.

As Eve is being tested in the city, carrying an armed nuclear warhead (unbelievable, you say, but only a few weeks ago I was reading about the US Airforce accidently flying live warheads across the USA), she is damaged by bank robbers. Eve becomes lost in the city, suffering from the android equivalent of post-traumatic stress, and programmed to protect herself at all costs. She must be found and disarmed before she, and the city, go ‘bang’.

R Christopher Biggs was the special effects makeup artist; supported by Camille Calvert, James Rohland, Iván Pohárnok, & James Burnett.