October 2014

22 October
information: APDG Awards (Australia) nominations.

18 October
racechanging makeups – racechanging disguises: Inés Sastre (Vidocq).

16 October
racechanging makeups – Arab & Middle-Eastern characters: Emma Rigby (The Physician).

15 October
racechanging makeups – Arab & Middle-Eastern characters: Marlene Dietrich (Golden Earrings).

13 October
racechanging makeups – Arab & Middle-Eastern characters: Rita Hayworth (Charlie Chan in Egypt).

08 October
character makeups – fake cosmetic surgery: Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds).
disfiguring makeups – fake mastectomies: Diane Keaton (The Family Stone).
shaved and hairless characters – chemotherapy: Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds).

07 October
shaved and hairless characters
DIY head-shaving: Ute Willing (Mein Leben gehört mir).

03 October
various other makeups
– hairy women & bearded ladies: Lotje van Lunteren (De vrouw met de baard); Judy Greer (My Name Is Earl).

02 October
character makeups – playing a role: Eleanor Parker (Interrupted Melody); Diana Barrymore (Between Us Girls).
disguise makeups – wigs & makeup: Diana Barrymore (Between Us Girls).

01 October
various other makeups – send in the clowns: Clémence Poésy (Hopper Stories)

September 2014

character makeups
fake cosmetic surgery: Taaffe O’Connell (The Change-Up); Elizabeth De Razzo (Eastbound & Down); Shannon Woodward (Raising Hope).
fake pregnancies: Mircea Monroe (The Change-Up).

disguise makeups
mask tricks: Daniela Bianchi (Missione speciale Lady Chaplin).

fantasy makeups
Doctor Who: Sinead Keenan (‘The End of Time’)
Star Trek
: Joanna Cassidy (Star Trek: Enterprise).

racechanging makeups
Indigenous American characters: Katharine Ross (Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here); Ziva Rodann (Last Train from Gun Hill); Barbara Rush (Taza, Son of Cochise); Paulette Goddard (North West Mounted Police); Lupe Velez (The Squaw Man).

various other makeups
fake tattoos: Liezl Carstens (Passion Play).

updated : BAFTA Cymru Awards nominees; Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro; Premi David di Donatello; Irish Film & Television Awards.

August 2014

old-age makeups
recent movies & TV shows: Kate Winslet (Labor Day).

fantasy makeups
Star Trek: Patricia Tallman (Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘Timescape’); Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘Face of the Enemy’); Carolyn Seymour (Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘Face of the Enemy’); Cynthia Gouw (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier); Carolyn Seymour (Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘Contagion’); Tricia O’Neil (Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘Suspicions’).

horror makeups
zombies, ghosts & mummies: Kay Hammond & Constance Cummings (Blithe Spirit).

racechanging makeups
blackface & yellowface: Doris Day (I’ll See You in My Dreams); Joan Crawford (Torch Song); Monica Vitti (L’Eclisse;.

updated: 66th Emmys (Creative Arts).

July 2014

old-age makeups
recent movies & TV shows: Tilda Swinton (The Grand Budapest Hotel); Diane Lane (Man of Steel).
movies & TV shows of the mid-2000s: Ashley Judd & Sandra Nelson (De-Lovely).
movies of the 1930s: Flora Robson (Invisible Stripes); Miriam Hopkins & Bette Davis (The Old Maid).

disfiguring makeups
birthmarks & facial disfigurement: Saoirse Ronan (The Grand Budapest Hotel).

disguise makeups
celebrity fakeovers: Wendy van Dijk & makeup application (Ushi & Dushi).

fantasy makeups
aliens among us: Françoise Robertson (Crusade); Tricia O’Neil (Babylon 5).

horror makeups
zombies, ghosts & mummies: Sonja Bennett (Fido).

period makeups
the sixteenth century: Elza van den Heever (Maria Stuarda); Belén Rueda (La princesa de Éboli); Lara Belmont (Henry VIII); Diana Quick (Nostradamus); Nicola Pagett (Anne of a Thousand Days); Glenda Jackson (Mary, Queen of Scots).

updated: Fangoria Chainsaw Awards; wants list; links; 66th Emmy nominations; Czech Lion Awards; FAQ; 40th Saturn Awards.

June 2014

disfiguring makeups
burn scars: Li Gong (The Emperor and the Assassin).

period makeups
Qing/Manchu dynasty China: Bingbing Fan (Beginning of the Great Revival); Joan Chen (1911).
Tang dynasty China: Carina Lau (Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame).

racechanging makeups
Asian characters: Flora Robson (55 Days in Peking); credits updated for Loretta Young (The Hatchet Man); Helen Hayes (The Son-Daughter); Loretta Young (The Hatchet Man); Gale Sondergaard (The Letter).

updated: favourites; wants list; Premios Iris (Spain); Ariel Awards (Mexico); Deutschen Filmpreise.

May 2014

character makeups
fat faces & fat-suits: Mila Kunis (That ’70s Show).

Disfiguring makeups
fake mastectomies: Julie Warner (Nip/Tuck); Michelle Pfeiffer (A Thousand Acres).

fantasy makeups
aliens among us: Kaniehtiio Horn (Defiance).

hairless makeups
chemotherapy: Greta Scacchi (The Book of Revelation).
‘willingly’ shaved on-screen: Joan Chen (Temptation of a Monk).

period makeups
period makeups – Tang dynasty China: Joan Chen (Temptation of a Monk).
Ancient Egypt (Cleopatra): Tina Turner (Kevyn Aucoin photoshoot); Amanda Barrie (Carry On Cleo); Joan Collins (Cleopatra 1959 screentest).
the fifteenth century: Faye Dunaway (The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc).

racechanging makeups
racechanging disguises: Alinne Moraes (Como Aproveitar o Fim do Mundo).

Various other makeups
photoshoots & publicity: Beyoncé Knowles (Dreamgirls).

updated: SAFTA Awards (South Africa); 56th Ariel Awards (Mexico) nominees; 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards; National Film Awards (India).

April 2014

old-age makeups
movies & TV shows of the 1990s: Lisa Kudrow & Mira Sorvino (Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion).

disfiguring makeups
facial scars: Sophie Marceau (Arrêtez-moi); Lena Headey (Dredd); Clémence Poésy (Birdsong).

gender-bending makeups
male disguises: Maggie Grace (Lockout).

look-alike makeups
bad girls: Maxine Peake (See No Evil: The Moors Murders).

racechanging makeups
Asian characters: Lupe Velez (East is West); Renée Adorée (Mr Wu); Pola Negri (East of Suez).

various other makeups
send in the clowns: Claudia Cardinale (Circus World).
exotic breasts: Selma Blair (A Dirty Shame).
extravagant noses: Christina Ricci (Penelope).
fake piercings: Courtney Peldon (Say It Isn’t So).

updated: BAFTA Television Craft Awards; Deutschen Filmpreis 2014 nominees; 40th Saturn Awards nominees; wants list.