April 2015

09 April
information: Ariel Awards nominees.

09 April
information: Hong Kong Film Awards nominations.

08 April
information: BAFTA Television Awards nominations.

02 April
disfiguring makeups – burn scars; Elisabeth Moss (Girl, Interrupted).
fantasy makeups – the Star Trek universe: Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Of Gods and Men).

01 April
character makeups – fat faces & fat-suits: Eun-hye Yun (Chronicle of a Blood Merchant).

March 2015

old-age makeup
science-fiction & fantasy: Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel ‘Missing in Action’).

character makeups
comedy sketch shows & impressions: Rosie Cavaliero & Lucy Montgomery (Bellamy’s People); Catherine Tate (The Catherine Tate Show Derek Faye).

disfiguring makeups
facial scarring: Emma Amos (Secrets & Lies).
fake mastectomies: Kim Basinger (The Burning Plain); Marie Zielcke (Noch einmal lieben).

disguise makeups
male disguises: Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development ‘Indian Takers’).
prosthetic makeup disguises: Bérénice Bejo (Le dernier diamant).

fantasy makeups
the Star Trek universe: Fiona Vroom (Star Trek Continues).
the Doctor Who universe: Keeley Hawes (Doctor Who ‘Time Heist’).
elves, fairies & nymphs: Anna Walton (Hellboy II: The Golden Army).

gender-bending makeups
male characters: Miriam Shor (Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

hairless & hairless makeups
skinheads & punks: Faye Marsay (Pride).

look-alike makeups
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother: Helena Bonham Carter (The King’s Speech).

period makeups
eighteenth-century Russia: Catherine Deneuve (O Theos agapaei to haviari); Viveca Lindfors (La tempesta); Elisabeth Bergner (The Rise of Catherine the Great).

racechanging makeups
Asian characters: Margo Albert (Behind the Rising Sun).

updated: BAFTA Television Craft Awards nominees; Saturn Award nominations; Canadian Screen Awards; wants list.

February 2015

racechanging makeups
black characters: Isabella Marques (Zorra Total).
blackface & yellowface: Majorie Reynolds (Holiday Inn).

horror makeups
zombies, ghosts & mummies: Vivien Taylor (Outpost: Black Sun).

updated: The Oscars; Make-Up and Hair Stylist Guild Awards; Robert Prisen; Critics Choice Movie Awards; Český Lev / Czech Lion Awards; Premios Goya / Goya Awards; Premis Gaudí / Gaudi Awards; Oscar nominations; Canadian Screen Awards nominees; Österreichischer Filmpreis; Premio Sur; EE British Academy Film Awards; Fangoria Chainsaw Awards nominations.
There has been an unannounced, and unintended, hiatus as the result of a burglary. All themakeupgallery data was backed-up (hat-tip to DropBox) and the kit has now been replaced. Image updates are now recommencing.

December 2014

old-age makeups
science-fiction & fantasy: Francesca Annis & makeup application (Krull).

character makeups
fat faces & fat-suits: Goldie Hawn (Death Becomes Her).
playing a role: Emily Mortimer (Doll & Em).

period makeups
Tang Dynasty China: Ziyi Zhang & Xun Zhou in (The Banquet).
mythical characters: Brigitte Nielsen & Sandahl Bergman (Red Sonja).

updated: The New Zealand Film Awards 2014; RTS Craft & Design Awards.

November 2014

old-age makeups
recent movies & TV shows: Kristen Wiig (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty).

character makeups
fat faces & fat-suits: Justine Lupe (Super Clyde); Julia Roberts (America’s Sweethearts).
playing a role: Katy Mixon (Mike & Molly ‘Happy Halloween’).

fantasy makeups
fantasy makeups – Babylon 5: Jana Robbins & Fiona Dwyer (Babylon 5 ‘Secrets of the Soul’); Robin Curtis (Babylon 5 ‘Deathwalker’); Sarah Douglas (Babylon 5 ‘Deathwalker’); Diane Adair (Babylon 5 ‘The War Prayer’); Danica McKellar (Babylon 5 ‘The War Prayer’); Nancy Lee Grahn (Babylon 5 ‘The War Prayer’)
elves, fairies & nymphs: Ocean Hellman (Voyage of the Unicorn); Leelee Sobieski (Hercules)
mermaids & other sea creatures: Sheridan Smith (The Harry Hill Movie)
mutant makeups: Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men: First Class).

horror makeups
witches & evil stepmothers: Veronica Hamel (The Last Leprechaun).

racechanging makeups
Indian characters: Diane Baker & Valerie Gearon (Nine Hours to Rama); Shirley MacLaine (Around the World in 80 Days).

various other makeups
bodypainting: Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory ‘The Holographic Excitation’); Shirley Eaton (Goldfinger).

updated: APDG Awards (Australia).

October 2014

character makeups
fake cosmetic surgery: Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds)
playing a role: Eleanor Parker (Interrupted Melody); Diana Barrymore (Between Us Girls).

disfiguring makeups
fake mastectomies: Diane Keaton (The Family Stone).

disguise makeups
fat & make-under: Marlene Dietrich (Witness for the Prosecution); Marion Davies (Ever Since Eve)
wigs & makeup: Diana Barrymore (Between Us Girls).

period makeups
seventeenth-century France: Nathalie Cerda (Vatel).

racechanging makeups
Arab & Middle-Eastern characters: Emma Rigby (The Physician); Marlene Dietrich (Golden Earrings); Rita Hayworth (Charlie Chan in Egypt).
racechanging disguises: Inés Sastre (Vidocq).

shaved and hairless characters
chemotherapy: Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds).
DIY head-shaving
: Ute Willing (Mein Leben gehört mir).

various other makeups
send in the clowns: Clémence Poésy (Hopper Stories)
hairy women & bearded ladies: Lotje van Lunteren (De vrouw met de baard); Judy Greer (My Name Is Earl).

updated : BAFTA Cymru Awards; wants list; APDG Awards (Australia) nominations.