updated: 14/12/2004

obese makeups: Cinta Kolesterol

Two friends arrange a marriage for their two young children. Years later Yusry, now a young man, is told of the betrothal and meets the girl again: unfortunately Fazira (Erra Fazira) has grown in more ways than one. Yusry publicily humiliates her and she flees to Europe for treatment. Torn by guilt he searches for her – in vain, until he sees Erra the latest supermodel. Lessons are learned and and love triumphs.

The makeup was by Kaj Steveman and Elina Kumlander of Fido Film AB. According to the Malaysian press the makeup cost RM200,000 (approx $50,000) which was both a very big investment in the context of their movie industry and represented a very special price from Fido. The investment from Fido appears to have paid off as they have created a old-age makeup for Erra for Hingga Hujung Nyawa and will be working with her again on a sequel to Cinta Kolesterol; they have also worked with the producers on Cholesterol Teerak, a Thai remake of Cinta Kolesterol.

I am grateful to Kaj for the use of these images.