updated: 07/07/2005

obese makeups: The Drew Carey Show

Nicki Fifer (Kate Walsh) was Drew’s girlfriend for most of the third season (1997). She confesses that she used to be really fat but has now lost 80lbs and has only another 2lb to go to reach her target weight. Drew promises to help but Nicki doesn’t cope well being around a food-lover: she is soon piling on the weight again. Eventually she realises she can not cope either with her weight or with a food-lover and the wedding is called off just before the bachelor party.

The makeup and fat-suit were both done very well. As this was a running storyline Kate needed a different sets of prosthetics for each stage of her progressive weight gain. Ed French tells me:

I put on Kate's overweight face for Matthew Mungle (W.M. Creations inc) a couple of times. His company made the prosthetic.

Costume designer, Julie Rhine said:

When we first started it, Kate actually thought it was very fun. And we were all laughing a lot, but the suit was so form-fitting that by the time they started doing the prosthetics around Kate’s face and chin area, she felt incredibly restricted and kind of claustrophobic…[by the end of her stint as Nicki] the novelty had worn off and she was quite large and it was cumbersome and … I think she was ready to stop wearing it.

I understand that Nicki returned in a later series but I have’t seen that in the UK. If anyone has any information about Nicki’s size and makeup when she returned, please email themakeupgallery.