character: America’s Sweethearts

America’s Sweethearts

Gwen and Eddie are ‘America’s Sweethearts’- co-stars both onscreen and off. Kiki (Julia Roberts) is Gwen’s unglamorous sister as well as her lapdog and gofer and used to be overweight.

All is well until Gwen is lured away by a Latin lover with a lisp and too much jewellery; Eddie goes ballistic and is bundled off to a rehab centre.

The resulting very public divorce of the two superstars is made even more difficult when not only does it coincide with the publicity junket for their latest movie but Eddie falls for Kiki.

The makeup

Greg Cannom was responsible for the special makeup effects in this movie; Brian Sipe & Wes Wofford were the prosthetic effects supervisors; Richard Dean was the personal makeup artist to Julia Roberts.

Kiki’s overweight look was achieved with a one-piece silicone prosthetic. I understand that there was a makeup test with a fatter Kiki but I’ve not seen any images: if anyone has some, please email themakeupgallery.