updated: 12/05/2009

racechanging disguises: Alias (season 1)

I loved Alias, there were just so many reasons to watch it: witty; dark; a fascinating Rambaldi backplot; so many different versions of Jennifer Garner; brilliant makeup artists. The awards it collected (or is it garnered) were well deserved.

Angela Nogaro, makeup department head works closely with hairstylist Michael Reitz to create Sydney’s many looks:

Part of the whole concept behind her is not character disguises where she’s got a big nose or fake teeth – it’s character disguises in high fashion mode. Just different versions of a beautiful Jennifer.

This ethnic disguise is from ‘The Solution’ where Sydney pretended to be a Raslak Jihad operative at a meeting with Sark in Indonesia.

Sidney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) has worn so many disguises there is a complete sub-section for Alias. Besides this Asian makeup she has also appeared in Indian and geisha disguises.

The makeup and hair credits listed at IMDb include: Michael Reitz, department head hair stylist & wig designer; Katherine Rees, key hair stylist; James MacKinnon, makeup department head; Angela Nogaro, makeup department head; Diana Brown, key makeup artist; Rela Martine, key makeup artistl; Gil Mosko, special makeup effects artist; Margie Latinopoulos, special makeup effects artist.

The makeup and hairstyling awards and nominations the series has collected include: Emmy Award: Hairstyling (Michael Reitz – nomination 2005); Emmy Award: Non-Prosthetic Makeup (Angela Nogaro, Diana Brown & Kaori N Turner – winners 2003); Emmy Award: Hairstyling (Michael Reitz & Karen Bartek – nomination 2003); Emmy Award: Hairstyling (Michael Reitz & Karen Bartek – nomination 2002); Emmy Award: Non-Prosthetic Makeup (Angela Nogaro & Diana Brown – nomination 2002).