disguise makeups: celebrity fakeovers

Disguise makeups: Celebrity fakeovers

Yet another variety of ‘reality’ TV entertainment: transforming a celebrity with prosthetic makeup and getting them to trick their friends and families. The transformations are radical – enabling them to fool lovers, brothers and mothers up-close. Occasionally these shows claim some sort of educational or informative intent that is to be delivered through the ‘in-your-shoes’ experience but usually they are just played for laughs.

If like me you watched far too much Candid Camera when you were young, you’ll find them a hoot. Even if you don’t, you can watch to appreciate the unique challenge they pose to makeup artists to produce a transformation capable of working in ‘real-life’ situations.

If anyone has information on new ‘fakeover’ shows (eg new Anonymous franchises in the pipeline for Romania, Brazil, Mexico, France and Norway), please email themakeupgallery. I’m also looking for good images from an Italian show called Frankenstein and from a Japanese show that aired on TV Tokyo.

There is a separate section for other types of makeup transformations on reality TV shows.