updated: 21/12/2004

Swaps: Jordan Gets Even – makeup

UK TV channel Five has commissioned Flame TV to produce Jordan Gets Even where Katie Price (aka Jordan) is transformed to fool friends and family with the assistance of prosthetic makeup.

The first person on her hit list is her mum Amy, chosen because Katie winds her up on a daily basis. Amy loves pranks too so Katie thinks she’ll appreciate meeting 45 year-old Betty, a bag lady who rummages through Amy’s bins! Katie’s second target is her first agent, Samantha Bond, for whom Katie takes on the role of a tough TV producer. For her final challenge, she’s chosen to get even with her boyfriend, Peter Andre – pretending to be a mad fan. Can she pull it off?

This follows the three episode series of celebrity swaps featuring Vicki Butler-Henderson (Gender Swap), Melinda Messenger (Age Swap), Linda Robson (Posh Swap) and the pilot Gender Swap featuring Carol Smillie.

The makeup design and application is once more in the capable hands of Neil Gorton and Vanessa White who have created the three separate identities using one set of prosthetics. Neill claims that: ‘You will see these stars transformed to the point where their own mothers don’t recognise them in close proximity.’ In Jordan’s case Neill claims to have disguised her ‘biggest assets’.