disguises: Mr Magoo (makeup process)

Mr Magoo – the makeup process

In this Leslie Nielsen vehicle Luanne Leseur aka Prunella Pagliacci (Kelly Lynch) is a very good thief, deadly, and a mistress of disguise who runs through a variety of disguises.

Two of her disguises involve the use of extensive prosthetic makeup: the old lady and a balding man (the latter was cut from the completed movie).

The reviews and interviews with Kelly Lynch refer to this brilliant balding middle-aged male disguise which never made it into the final movie, possibly because the scene apparently had no reference to the character being Prunella in disguise (unlike the old lady scene, where she seen both fitting the dentures after finishing a phone call and then fleeing athletically after being recognised by Magoo’s dog).

It’s a shame it wasn’t even included in the DVD – I’m grateful to Charles Porlier for allowing me to use these images of the male disguise makeup.

The old lady disguise is also excellent – indeed overkill for the brief gag. It involves facial and hand prosthetics (described as deliberately cartoony by Charles Porlier), a wig, a fat-suit, and false teeth.

The makeup

Sandy Cooper was the key makeup artist.

Charles Porlier was responsible for SPFX makeup and he and Doug Morrow were responsible for this makeup.

I am grateful to Doug Morrow for emailing me with the following information about the male disguise makeup:

The middle age man makeup was created and shot, but was cut from the final print for some reason. For that makeup I sculpted a nose tip, and a male neck (thicker, with an adam’s apple). Charles [Porlier] applied it as well.