fantasy: Star Trek – Vina

Star Trek: Vina

In the two-part episode ‘The Menagerie’ Spock was court martialed after kidnapping his former captain, the crippled Christopher Pike, and heading for the quarantined planet Talos IV.

Spock’s defence was that by returning the now-crippled Pike to Talos IV he was enabling him to find peace in the company of Vina, who is also deformed in reality; she was the only survivor of the original crash and the Talosians had put her back together as best they could.

This episode used footage recycled from the unaired pilot ‘The Cage’, where Kirk’s predecessor Captain Christopher Pike tried to rescue an Earth crew that disappeared some years earlier. But Pike was imprisoned in a zoo-like cage and studied by the mysterious Talosians who were trying to understand his reactions to Vina (Susan Oliver) who they present to him in various illusory guises, including that of an Orion slave girl – so Marta (Yvonne Craig) in ‘Whom Gods Destroy’ was the first ‘real’ Orion slave girl to appear in Star Trek.

The makeup

In the days before airbrush makeups, Fred B Phillips achieved Vina’s look with hand-applied greasepaint.

Besides the need to constantly touch up the makeup, the makeup tests were a trial: as the story is told, nobody informed the processing lab that she was meant to be green so they kept hand-correcting the colour back to normal skin tones causing some consternation when the footage of the makeup tests came back.