fantasy makeup: The Doctor Who universe

Cyberwoman Torchwood
‘… Halloween …’
Almak & Kisar
‘… the Punjab’
‘Empress of Mars’
‘Knock Knock’
‘The Girl Who Died’
Clara Oswald
‘Last Christmas’
Tasha Lem
‘Time of the Doctor’
‘… Crimson Horror’
Madame Vastra
The Gangers
‘The Rebel Flesh’
The Siren
‘… the Black Spot’
‘The Vampires of Venice’
‘The Waters of Mars’
Shadow Architect
‘The Stolen Earth’
‘The Fires of Pompeii’
Weeping Angels
The Empress
‘… Runaway Bride’
‘The End of the World’
‘Survival’ (OS)
‘Time and the Rani’
‘Mindwarp’ (OS)
‘The Mark of the Rani’ (OS)
‘Image of the Fendahl’ (OS)
‘The Hand of Fear’ (OS)
‘The Brain of Morbius’ (OS)
‘The Claws Of Axos’ (OS)
various transformations

Fantasy makeups: The Doctor Who universe

Once time when I saw Neill Gorton he asked me when I was going to get round to featuring some of his work from Doctor Who – I’ve been feeling guilty ever since. I could argue that it’s – there is just so much stuff I want to use it’s overwhelming. Anyway, my guilt was tripped so I’m working on it – lots more coming soon, honest Neill.

This section features makeups from the re-booted Doctor Who, the original series (OS), Torchwood (T), The Sarah Jane Adventures (SJA), and K9 (K9).

Of course, besides the aliens and monsters time travel also provides the opportunity to meet historical personages, including recently: Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Madame de Pompadour, and Agatha Christie.

Davy Jones (Davey Jones Makeup SFX), Sheelagh Wells, & Barbara Southcott have been, successively, the makeup designers for Doctor Who; Pam Mullins was a makeup artist and latterly has been the makeup supervisor on Doctor Who; Marrie Dorris was the makeup designer for Torchwood (seasons 1 to 3); Claire Pritchard was the makeup supervisor on Torchwood (season 1 & part of season 2) and the makeup designer on Torchwood: Miracle Day; Kate Roberts was the makeup supervisor on Torchwood (part of season 2) and the hair & makeup designer on The Sarah Jane Advetures (part of season 2); Abi Brotherton was a makeup artist on Doctor Who and the makeup supervisor on Torchwood: Children of Earth; Todd McIntosh was the head of department on Torchwood: Miracle Day; David DeLeon was the co-head of department on Torchwood: Miracle Day; Emma Bailey was the makeup designer on The Sarah Jane Adventures (season 1) and was also the makeup designer on a couple of episodes of Doctor Who; Sarah Lockwood was a prosthetics makeup artist on The Sarah Jane Adventures; Sharon Robbins was the makeup designer on K9.

Neill Gorton’s MilleniumFX has been responsible for the the prosthetics and special makeup design for Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Rob Mayor is the prosthetics and special makeup supervisor for Doctor Who.