elves & fairies: The Lord of the Rings


Fantasy makeups: The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit

Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings – along with a number of other books and stories – are set in Middle-earth at the dawn of its Fourth Age. The Third Age had followed the defeat of Sauron by the Alliance of Elves and Men and was characterised by the waning of the Elves. The Fourth Age was the Dominion of Men which began after the final defeat of Sauron and the destruction of the One Ring.

Peter Jackson turned The Lord of the Rings into a triology of movies and is currently preparing a two-part adaption of The Hobbit.

Besides the elves (Arwen Undómiel, the Lady Galadriel & Tauriel) with their wonderful translucent ears the movies also feature dwarves, orcs, goblins and, of course, hobbits.

Peter King and Peter Owen were the hair and makeup designers for Lord of the Rings, and Peter King is again the makeup designer for The Hobbit. Richard Taylors Weta Workshop is responsible for many of the special effects:

[On Lord of the Rings] Weta Workshop has been responsible for the design, fabrication and onset operation of five departments for this epic film trilogy. We have manufactured over 1200 suits of armour, 2000 weapons, 68 miniatures, 12 major creatures, all of the special make up effects and prosthetic suits for the films and multitudes of gore and injury rigs. We have been working on the project for four years to date and at the height of filming have serviced seven shooting units and two miniatures units. By opting to house so many departments under one roof, we have sought to paint Tolkien’s Middle-earth with a singular brush stroke. We have approached this massive project with a level of passion and enthusiasm we feel befitting of such a visionary epic. The Lord of the Rings is a work of modern English folklore and to be given the honour of portraying it through film in our own unique way has been a great gift for all of us at Weta.