fantasy makeups: robots, cyborgs & androids

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Fantasy makeups: Robots, cyborgs & androids

Many actresses (or least starlets) have played robots, replicants, cyborgs, clones and androids in science-fiction and fantasy movies and television. Most of these have been of the ‘fembot’ variety: indistinguishable in either appearance or behaviour from the starlet in other roles until their electrics start to smoke. But fortunately there have been a number of honourable exceptions.

This section contains before & after images of actresses made up as: robots; androids (humanoid – often organic – robots); mechanical women; and cyborgs (bionic beings). The emphasis here is on makeup so you won’t find many fembots or robot costumes – though I could not ignore either Metropolis or Bicentennial Man. Those wonderful Borg have their own sub-section amongst the other aliens from Star Trek.

There is a sub-section for statues & dolls in the various other makeups section.