fantasy: Heartbeeps


Two robots, Aqua (Bernadette Peters) & Val, meet in a warehouse, fall in love and decide to escape and start a family. A bad movie but one of my my favourite robots.

The two robot waitresses were played by Irene Cagen (as Irene Forrest) and Karsen Lee Gould, one of whom is seen above.

The makeup

Stan Winston was responsible for the special makeup, supervising all the designs and sculpting Aqua. Zoltan Elek & Vince Prentice worked onset with Lance Anderson & Ken Diaz in the lab.

Aqua was an assemblage of six prosthetic applianceswith a soft golden cast and bronze highlights, plus a plastic wig (that was inspired by the actress»s own hairstyle) and acrylic dentures. Val’s prosthetics were even more complex.

Stan Winston spoke about the makeup design:

There was a translucency to gelatin appliances that was very nice, and it would also give me the smooth finish I was looking so I decided to take a chance and use gelatin to create these full-face, multi-layered prosthetic makeups for the robot characters, mixing metallic colors right into the gelatin itself. This had never been done before.
Every day at lunch we had to replace the lip appliances, for example, because they were starting to melt on us. Vince Prentice and Zoltan Elek, the makeup artists who actually applied the prosthetics, constantly had to stay on top of the problems with the gelatin. I was a wreck through the entire show.

Stan Winston was nominated for an Oscar for Heartbeeps in the year when the category was first introduced (Rick Baker won for An American Werewolf in London).