updated: 19/02/2004

celebrity fakeovers: Carol Smillie – makeup

Take two celebrities (presenter Carol Smillie and actor Shaun Williamson) give and set them the challenge of attending a speed-dating session as a member of the opposite sex. The month’s preparation included makeup and costume preparation and coaching in speech and movement.

This page illustrates the makeup process; there is a separate page with images of Carol in the completed makeup. The complete application utilising silicone prosthetics (the facial hair was punched into the prosthetics) took over five hours. The bodysuit gave Carol genitalia, disguised her breasts and gave her a flabby stomach.

Stevie Bettles was the prosthetics consultant and his team invested over 1400 hours in the project including lifecasting, design, manufacturing bodysuits and prosthetics and the makeup applications themselves.