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Horror makeups: The Buffyverse

For a time Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the best shows on TV, and it had really good makeup and lots of female characters. I thought it wouldn’t be the same after Buffy died (again) – that maybe it had jumped the shark – but for a while it all seemed to come back together, albeit darker. And Angel was great.

As one of its legacies, Buffy changed the way we expected screen vampires to look.

The vampire designs evolved from concepts designs created by the Burman Studios. John Vulich (Optic Nerve FX) was the special makeup effects supervisor from 1997 to 2002; Todd McIntosh was the makeup supervisor from 1997 to 2002. Joel Harlow (Harlow FX) was then responsible for the special makeups on some episodes in the sixth season before Robert Hall (Almost Human) was in charge of the makeup effects, with Dayne Johnson as makeup supervisor, for the remainder of the show’s run.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was nominated for five Emmy Awards for the episodes: ‘Welcome To The Hellmouth’ (Todd McIntosh, John Vulich, John Maldonado, & John Wheaton); ‘Surprise/Innocence’ (Todd McIntosh, John Vulich, John Maldonado, John Wheaton, Gerald Quist, Margie Latinopoulos, Dayne Johnson, Alan Friedman, Craig Reardon, Michael F Blake, Robin Beauchesne, Brigette A Myre, & Mark Shostrom); ‘The Zeppo’ (Todd McIntosh, John Wheaton, Robin Beauchesne, Douglas Noe, Jamie Kelman, Craig Reardon, John Vulich, John Maldonado, Brigette A Myre, Ed French, Blake Shepard, & Erwin H Kupitz); ‘Hell’s Bells’, non-prosthetic (Todd McIntosh, Jay Wejebe, Carol Schwartz, & Brigette A Myre) and prosthetic (Todd McIntosh, Jay Wejebe, Carol Schwartz, Brigette A Myre, Joel Harlow, & John Vulich). It won the Emmy for ‘Surprise/Innocence’.

Angel was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Makeup for a Series for the episode ‘The Ring’ (Dayne Johnson, David DeLeon, Louis Lazzara, Steve LaPorte, Rick Stratton, Jill Rockow, Toby Lamm, Jeremy Swan, Steve Prouty, Earl Ellis, Dalia Dokter, & Robert Maverick).