horror makeup: Hellraiser: Bloodline

Hellraiser IV: Bloodline

Directed by Alan Smithee … Kevin Yagher left the movie before filming was completed when the producers demanded changes to the previously agreed script.

In the eighteenth century a French toy maker, Phillip L’Merchant, built the first puzzle box, which was used by magician de L’Isle to create a beautiful demon named Angelique (Valentina Vargas), the daughter of Leviathan, the lord of Hell’s Labyrinth.

Subsequent generations of L’Merchant's descendants worked to create the Elysium Configuration – a box that would destroy the Lament Configuration and close the gates to hell instead of opening it.

In 1996 Angelique was nearly successful in seducing John Merchant and ending their quest.

But by 2127 Dr Paul Merchant has created the ultimate space station to destroy the Lament Configuration. Of course, Pinhead and his Cenobites aren’t happy about the fact that the gateway to Hell will by destroyed …

Valentina Vargas said: ‘For the first time in my career, I’m playing a villainess in a horror movie, and I’m really loving it. In the third story, Angelique is a Cenobite because she's surrendered to Pinhead, but in the first two tales, she's like a serpent because she'll trick, seduce and manipulate people. They’ll think they’re in Heaven until she turns around and backstabs them.’

The makeup

Gary J Tunnicliffe was the makeup effects designer & creator; Kevin Yagher was responsible for additional makeup effects; the Image Animation International makeup effects crew included Ed French, Shaune Harrison & Mike J Regan; Anne Hieronymus was the hair & makeup supervisor; Linda Samodral was the key makeup artist; Gary J Perticone, Douglas Noe & Dan Frey were the makeup artists.

Gary Tunnicliffe said in a contemporary interview:

I have a very strong feeling about how Cenobites should look and we tried to come up with something horrific and yet amusing, something that was obviously insired by the Hellraiser mythos. The new female Cenobite that we came up with fitted the bill superbly. I’m really, really pleased with her, she’s the one that I think has come out the best.

I actually got the idea for her design when I was watching Sister Act, the comedy starring Whoopi Goldberg. It’s true, honestly! I was watching these singing nuns and seeing the way their cowls fall down and I thought it would be interesting to do something with flesh rather than material and create a sort of nun from hell. So that’s where the idea came from. I thought we’ll split her head and pull the skin out to the sides and attach it to her shoulders. And that’s what we did.

We pushed all the bits that women have as high up as they would go and she’s very sexy. I did some original concept drawings and usually you lose something when translating the drawings to the screen but it was really pleasing to see that we didn’t lose anything and the drawing is virtually identical to the way she ended up.