horror: The Devil’s Rock

The Devil’s Rock

Sent in the Channel Islands on the eve of D Day to destroy German gun emplacements, two Kiwi commandos are confused by the lack of German patrols on the island and puzzled by strange screams coming from the Germans main bunker.

Inside one of them finds a woman (Gina Varela), who resembles his dead wife, chained to the wall in a room full of dead Germans. Then she transforms into a red-skinned demonic creature.

It becomes clear that she is a shape-shifter who can appear as any woman a man might desire. The demon uses this power to lure the soldiers close, kill them and eat them.

The DVD has a featurette on the Gina Varela’s extensive makeup process including lifecasting and the makeup application for a makeup test.

The makeup

Davina Lamont was the makeup designer.

Richard Taylor (Weta Workshop) was the design & effects supervisor; Sean Foot was the sculptor & special effects makeup supervisor; Paul Campion produced the original design concept art for the demon.