updated: 20/11/2008

demon makeups: Hellraiser III

A reporter investigates some grisly murders that seem to be connected to a notorious club; a young clubber Terri (Paula Marshall) becomes a cenobite; the Hellraiser franchise begins its downhill slide.

Unfortunately, as so often in horror movies, Terri the cenobite only appears in one night-time scene and the makeup only really appears to its advantage in the publicity stills.

Bob Keen was special effects coordinator; Paul Jones was makeup special effects coordinator; Steve Painter, Mark Coulier & Dave Keen were makeup special effects supervisors; Gary Tunnicliffe (garyjtunnicliffe.com / Two Hours in the Dark inc) was workshop supervisor; Paula Caplin was head sculptor. Dave Elsey, who was later responsible for the Farscape creatures, also worked on the movie. In the makeup application images Mark Coulier can just be seen applying Paula’s prosthetics.