racechanging: Latina characters

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Snakes on a Plane
The Mask of Zorro
The House of the Spirits
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My Darling Clementine
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The Great Divide

Racechanging: Latina characters

According to Wikipedia Latinos are:

…an ethnolinguistic group of Americans with origins in the countries of Latin America or the Iberian peninsula. More generally it includes all persons in the United States who self-identify as Hispanic or Latino. Reflecting especially the Latin American population, which has origins in all the continents and many ancestries, Hispanic/Latino Americans are very racially diverse, and as a result form an ethnic category, rather than a race.

However, in movies and TV shows Latinos have usually been portrayed with skin tones that distinguish them from ‘white’ characters in the same movie; sometimes Latino actresses and actors have themselves been browned up to play Latino characters (eg Rita Moreno in West Side Story & Elsa Cárdenas in Giant)