bodypainting: Goldfinger


Shirley Eaton played Jill Masterson who was gilded to death starting a movie trend for scenes featuring gold-painted actresses. There was no need to paint her front as she was only seen lying face-down on a bed so this was presumably done only for promotional stills like the Life cover.

As with many Bond-girls, the role didn’t do a lot for her career which faded away not long afterwards leaving this as the only role for which she is really remembered – and then for the makeup rather than her acting: hence Golden Girl for her autobiography?

By the way the golden woman in the titles sequence and on, at least some of the posters, was not Shirley but Margaret Nolan who had been initially hired to test the makeup.

Quantum of Solace paid a homage to Jill Masterson’s death.

The makeup

Basil Newall and Paul Rabiger were makeup artists on the movie.