statue & doll makeups: Worzel Gummidge

Worzel Gummidge

Worzel Gummidge, who originally appeared in a series of books by the novelist Barbara Euphan Todd, was a scarecrow that could come to life. He was madly in love with Aunt Sally (Una Stubbs), a cruel-hearted fairground coconut-shy doll who considered herself a lady and far too good for a common scarecrow such as Worzel. Only two children he befriended and the Crowman, the creator of all the scarecrows that have ‘life’, in them could could see the ‘real’ Worzel and Aunt Sally.

In a few episodes Saucy Nancy (Barbara Windsor), a ship’s figurehead on wheels, also appeared and proposed to Worzel – but he turned her down as his heart is already spoken for.

The makeup

IMDb credits Marian Durnford as the makeup artist for some episodes; as these are scattered during the first two series it seems likely that she was the makeup artist for, at least, the first two series.